Mezzo soprano / contralto / tenor / high baritone

Daphnis is a student. He’s young and rather silly, but all the girls fancy him. He is in love with Chloe, but is too naive to recognise what he is feeling. He’s also blind to the fact that the Bacchantes positively throw themselves at him, trying to attract his attention. He spends a lot of time moping around feeling sorry for himself, until he finally discovers what love is and what to do about it.

The part was originally written for a mezzo soprano / contralto, but can be sung by a tenor / high baritone. We are interested in hearing from male or female singers for this role – You are likely to be 16 + and a confident singer, used to learning music independently.


Daphnis range-2

The majority of this role does not lie very high. If you are worried about the very top of your range, but think you are otherwise suited to sing Daphnis, we would like to hear from you.

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