About us

CYO is one of the best things that has ever happened to me

Cambridge Youth Opera (CYO) broadens the creative horizons of young people through opera. We work with children and young people to create age appropriate activities to the highest possible standard. We are an open access, community organisation and a registered charity. We do not charge for participation.

I will never forget singing with CYO – never ever!

We work with

  • primary schools to support singing as a natural part of daily life from an early age
  • teenagers to develop their creative experience and confidence
  • young adults to facilitate their journey into a career in the arts

CYO is a place where my child has been accepted for herself, where she felt safe. The relationships and friendships she has formed have meant at least as much to her as the development of her performance ability.

Our activities include everything that goes to make up an opera, onstage and backstage. Many of the young people who take part have never experienced opera before. We welcome a diverse range of children and young people from across the community in which we work, bringing together young people living parallel lives in a shared love of the arts.

I went prepared to make patronising excuses: “not too bad for kids” and the like. In fact, this double bill from the Cambridge Youth Opera turned out to be positively good. Positively good full stop.

By providing easily accessible, exciting activities, we open up what is often considered an exclusive art form, cultivate the arts as a natural part of daily life, and grow the confidence of our participants. We believe that opera is ideal for this, as it encompasses such a variety of elements and the opportunity to thrill, move and amuse both participants and audiences.