About us

Cambridge Youth Opera (CYO) broadens the creative horizons of young people through opera. We work with young people to create age appropriate productions to the highest possible standard, as well as providing workshops and theatre visits.

Our activities include everything that goes to make up an opera, including singing, orchestral playing, stage management, lighting and all elements of production design and build. Many of the young people who take part have never experienced opera before.

By providing easily accessible, exciting activities, we open up what is often considered an exclusive art form, cultivate the arts as a natural part of daily life, and grow the confidence of our participants. We believe that opera is ideal for this, as it encompasses such a variety of elements and the opportunity to thrill, move and amuse both participants and audiences.

We are an open access, community organisation. We do not charge for participation.

We are currently working on delivering our new strategy, which will enable us to  achieve our aims across a broader demographic and area.

CYO Strategic Plan April 2017