How we work with singers

Music / dialogue learning

CYO provides support for learning music and dialogue for soloists where needed. In particular, there are opportunities early in the rehearsal schedule to work with our musical director and répétiteur, especially for difficult passages and ensembles and for singers with less experience. We do, however, expect most soloists to learn and memorise their roles outside of the rehearsal room – every soloist has their own score and we’ll provide accompaniment tracks to support home learning. We’ll discuss the expectation for each role during the first rehearsals. Singers are always welcome to ask questions and request support.

The choruses will be learned during the Sunday rehearsals.

Musical rehearsal

Soloists will work with our musical director on the nuances of vocal performance and characterisation. Alastair brings a wealth of experience of working with singers professionally in opera companies and at the Royal Academy of Music.

The chorus will work with our chorus lead, Bridget, who is herself a professional opera chorus singer. As a chorus singer, you’ll learn how to improve your singing technique to support a truly dramatic performance

Dramatic rehearsal

CYO rehearsals are about more than where to move and stand and what to do. Soloists will work with Caroline, our very experienced director on techniques to help them best express their character and role in voice, gesture and movement.

Caroline will also work with Bridget to bring the cats choruses to life.

Vocal coaching

All soloists will have the opportunity to work with Julia, one of Cambridge’s most respected vocal coaches on improving their technique and vocal performance.