Reactions and comments

Singing with CYO has given me so much more confidence, not just in performing but in everything!

I went prepared to make patronising excuses: “not too bad for kids” and the like. In fact, this double bill from the Cambridge Youth Opera turned out to be positively good. Positively good full stop.

I received singing lessons and training through CYO which helped me to get a place on a highly competitive young singers’ training scheme, and consequently introduced me to the idea of pursuing a professional career in singing – something I had never considered previously.  The time I spent singing with CYO taught me not just about opera, but also about professionalism and rehearsal technique: skills which have been invaluable in my studies and as I begin to develop my singing career. Through CYO I met people who would become friends and colleagues, many of whom I have gone on to develop musical projects with.

I loved the style of singing and the friendships and close bonds formed. I can’t believe the expertise of the CYO staff and all that they have taught me.

Thank you for trusting my child and putting in so much effort to her to help her work through her dyslexia and ADHD. It has meant so much to her and CYO has become far more than an arts group for her. It has been a place where she was accepted for herself, where she felt safe. The relationships and friendships she has formed have meant at least as much to her as the development of her performance ability.

I enjoyed making props and then seeing what I had made in the performance, it was satisfying seeing how what I did added to it. It was a great thing to be involved in and everyone was very kind, I would definitely do it again.

Daphnis and Chloe is great. The first time at the opera for us, and hopefully not the last.

I will never forget singing in Tosca – never ever!

I wanted to tell you that I’ve gone on to do professional opera directing with people like Jonathan Moore and David Poutney, which very much started from the Magic Flute all those years ago, so thank you so much for that!! Really ignited the bug in me.

What a triumph, we loved it and as always you give so much to all the children. It’s wonderful to see them shine on stage. They all, so obviously loved performing, and as a group they are so very encouraging and supportive of one another. Credit to you & your team.

I arrived at the performance after work and admit to being a reluctant member of the audience – but not for long. I was soon wide awake and enjoying every minute of it!

When I first started with CYO I had never sung in public before. I was terrified. I enjoyed the first show I did so much that I auditioned and got a solo role.

I don’t want Daphnis and Chloe to be over. CYO feels like home.

I was always interested in acting but never thought about opera at all. Then one of my friends persuaded me to join the CYO production team. I ended up stage managing two shows. Although I haven’t ended up working in the arts, this has been an important part of what gave me the confidence to apply to Oxford and do things which nobody in my family had done before.

Thank you! Brundibár has been a fantastic opportunity for little people such as my daughter who absolutely loved every minute of it! We all thought the performance was fantastic!

Brundibár was absolutely fantastic. We really enjoyed watching it last night. Thank you very much for giving our child the opportunity to take part in something so wonderful at such a young age. She enjoyed every moment.

I would just like to feed back that for a person with autism, the Youth Opera experience has provided my child with many building blocks for their other activities. It has been brilliant and the conductor of the para-orchestra who has been with them in rehearsals this week said it is evident how much it has helped them.

Amahl was so beautiful. The whole evening was a delight. I am not ashamed to say I cried!

The acting and singing was wonderful, every word, every note was clearly heard and NO MICROPHONES!

May I congratulate you and all participants to this impressive performance of Brundibár! What an artistic and convincing concept – and how well the children performed. Gaby Flatow, Hans Krása Stiftung

Congratulations and well done to everyone involved in Brundibár !!!
Such amazing dedication, enthusiasm and energy shown by all front and backstage.

I’ve just seen the Cambridge Youth Opera perform The Magic Flute and was blown away by the standard of the performance. How thrilling to see such talent. I am looking forward to their next performance. I had a wonderful evening.

I just wanted to say again what a great job you all did on Magic Flute. We were all hugely impressed by the singing, acting, staging–everything really. The beauty and the humour both came through so strongly. Quite amazing.

I wanted to say thank you very much for last week’s wonderful production of the Magic Flute and for the enormous amount of work that went into it. It was truly superb and a delight to watch!

We would just like to add our thanks to everyone involved in making the Magic Flute such a resounding success. All in all a fantastic production with performances of a remarkably high standard. I didn’t speak to anyone who wasn’t immensely impressed. Congratulations to all.

I never knew opera could be so funny!

I loved your production of Amahl. Please pass on my congratulations to everybody concerned. It was a very moving experience.

Amahl was just beautiful. So much depth from such young performers.