We are strongly committed to free membership to CYO – we believe that nobody should be excluded from our activities on the basis of cost.

The chief criteria for becoming a member of CYO, are having a strong interest in, and the time to commit to rehearsals and / or production work. A prior knowledge or involvement in opera is not required, in fact many of our participants come to us with little or no experience of the medium.

For singers, we hold auditions for solo roles and cast on suitability for the role in terms of vocal quality and acting ability. In many cases, we are looking at native talent, aptitude and commitment, rather than polished technique and experience.

Singers can join the chorus without auditioning. If a new member has no prior experience of singing, eg in a choir, we may ask to hear them sing, in order to place them appropriately.

Entry to the production team is typically an informal discussion to assess the interest, aptitude and experience of the new member. This is not a selection process, but helps us to assign suitable tasks and roles.